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Le modèle BDP-105D est une remarquable évolution du lecteur Blu-ray 3D™ BDP-105D équipé du traitement d'image DARBEE Visual Presence.

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The OPPO 105D Audiocom Signature Blu-ray player is the most advanced and accurate universal player available on the market. The quality of picture is such that it transcends high definition from Blu-ray & DVD movies. As a true universal player it is also capable of stunning digital & analogue audio playback.

The Audiocom edition differs significantly from the OPPO 105D by using a custom linear power supply for video and digital audio circuitry, multiple regulated power supplies, AC current conditioning, newly developed 77 Femtosecond Reference clock for main processor, newly developed 37 Femtosecond Reference Audio clock for analogue audio, finest hand selected audio grade components for 2-Channel board, with circuitry housed in a quiet mechanical and electrical environment.

It benefits from a custom linear power supply which uses a multiple array of low ESR capacitors to reduce power supply impedance (ESR) several times that of conventional large, low ESR capacitors. A high grade transformer with 3 separate windings provide independent power supplies for video and analogue circuitry. Two, discrete Schottky rectifier boards replace conventional bridge rectifiers for the main board power supplies providing high speed and zero recovery time, a clear advantage for video processing. Low noise Linear Technology regulators bypassed with OSCON capacitors provide clean power to the video board ensuring a pure, highly accurate digital video signal and purest HDMI sound.

Integrated mains purification is used at the AC input for in the video and audio main power supplies. This is not a conventional mains filter or conditioner but a unique concept in current conditioning and lower the noise floor without limiting dynamics or colouring sound.

In a similar way that clock jitter causes errors in sound, it also causes data related errors in video. There are as many as 4 clocks used inside the OPPO players, and overall the most important of these is the clock for the main core processor. Here we have adopted a new Reference clock with a jitter performance of 77 Femtosecond clock (frequency measurement 100 Hz to 100 KHz) and +/- 0.5ppm stability, the most accurate main processor clock in any universal Blu-ray player. The clock utilizes ultra-low noise discrete regulator circuitry, 1.1nV/√Hz @1KHz with a PSRR of 132 db @ 6V. With this new clock video has an unprecedented level of natural 3D depth, definition and realism. Similarly audio is more coherent, with a greater presence and a more three dimensional space.

The analogue audio section has been optimised to take full advantage of the ES9018 Sabre DAC and the associated audio stages. Conventional regulators are replaced with discrete, ultra-low noise types which have 1/168 output noise and nearly 2000 times the Ripple noise rejection (PSRR). The componentry for audio power supply and analogue circuitry have are upgraded with premium audio grade power supply smoothing capacitors, premium audio grade capacitors for power and signal paths throughout. 

A new Reference audio clock is installed for the ES9018 Sabre DACs (2-Channel & Multi-Channel audio). The new clock achieves an astoundingly low jitter performance of 37 Femtoseconds (frequency measurement 100 Hz to 100 KHz) or 0.037 Picoseconds and +/- 0.5ppm stability, the lowest jitter in the audio industry! The clock utilizes ultra-low noise discrete regulator circuitry, 1.1nV/√Hz @1KHz with a PSRR of 132 db @ 6V.

The operating conditions of video and audio are much improved when they can work in quiet surroundings.  A unique approach is used to achieve the quietest electrical environment inside the player by combining different materials and techniques to remove a specific range of RFI/EMI noise up to several GHz.

Conventional types of damping have been discarded in preference for more advanced methods which merge several types of material with optimum mass, impedance and geometry.

Audiocom 105D Signature Edition

The Audiocom 105D Signature edition includes:

■  New custom linear power supply with multiple low noise regulated power supplies for video and digital circuitry.

■  New discrete Schottky diodes boards for main board power supplies (video & digital).

■  New AC current conditioning prevents noise entering the video and audio power supplies.

■  New high quality Rhodium IEC inlet with UP-OCC internal wiring to power supply.

■  New audio grade Cryofuse, non-magnetic, anti-resonance.

■  Vastly improved, error and jitter free data processing thanks to 77 Femtosecond Reference clock (0.077 psec) for main processor (Video, digital audio, DAC input).

■  New Audio Grade components in audio power supply for improved ripple rejection, faster transients and lower noise. 

■  New ultra-low noise regulators for analogue stages with 1/168 noise and nearly 2000 times the ripple rejection (PSRR) of conventional regulators.

■  New hand selected Audio Grade components in 2-channel audio board.

■  Vastly improved analogue audio thanks to 37 Femtosecond Reference clock (0.037 psec) for ES9018 Sabre DACs.

■  Improved chassis structure to control disc transport and component resonance.

■  New RFI/EMI shielding to control stray internal and external interference.

■  Multi-Zone Blu-ray & Region Free DVD.

■  2-Year Audiocom warranty.

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